Sunday, November 18, 2007

Who's turning 5?

Happy Birthday Shaleyn! (alias bunny herman, kiersten anne leigh, linseed,
sparky, gloria, rain, jane - it's amazing all that we've come up with through the years and I think there's still more)
I cannot believe you are 5 years old already - even though you think you're older than that. We thought our family was complete with your two older sisters but God had planted a seed in my heart since I was 10 years old. I wanted a special little girl from China, even back then. It was a long wait to get you but you were the one God chose for our family. What a lot of joy and laughter you have brought into our family. Even though you are a boundless ball of energy and you wear me out - I can still smile over what you say and do. We love you so much! Have a great birthday!

I apologize for the quality of some of these pictures. I do not have them on disc so I had to take a picture of the picture. This is Shaelyn's referral picture to us. She was about 3 months here.

This was in her crib in China - what a huge smile!

I took this picture when we got home for her adoption announcement.

She always loved baths. This was after eating spaghetti. I think you can still see some in her hair.

Look at those baby rolls of fat. This was about 1 and 1/2 months after she came home!

Sweet innocence!


Mari said...

Happy Birthday Shaelyn! We're so glad you are here!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

What a cute little pork chop!
Love you Shaelyn- Happy Birthday!

The Birds Nest said...

Wow!! She is so adorable!! I love her adoption announcement picture. You are so blessed to have her, and she is so blessed to have you as a Mom!! Happy Birthday to Shaelyn!! Has she been enjoying her whole special season?? I won't forget that. I need to remember to tell my Mom that she is allowed to have her own birthday season since she likes to celebrate her birthday for at least a week.

Anonymous said...

He knew all along the plans He had for her. What a blessing to have this priceless little girl as your very own.

God is sooooooo good!

Happy Birthday to your special gift from above.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Shaelyn, isnt' she gorgeous? I loved those pictures and I also very much loved the fact that God had placed on your heart having a wee girl from China when you were only 10. That is very special.

Laura said...

We do love our Shaelyn and we're so glad she's here! It's funny how she looks so different from those pictures, but at the same time you can tell that it's her. I hope she had a great birthday!

Melissa said...

Awww! She is so cute! Happy Birthday Shaelyn!

Heather's Brain said...


What a beautiful little one, and now so grown! You are blessed!!!!

Josh Groban CD...totally worth it! I could not wait and downloaded it from It is a JOYOUSLY beautiful CD!

nickernoodle said...

Happy Birthday SHaelyn! What a cutie!!!!

LeslieW. said...

Those are beautiful pictures! What a blessing she is, I hope her birthday is AWESOME!!! Eat some cake for me!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! What special plans God had for your life and the family He placed you in!

We have some friends who adopted in China and their little one is such a cutie and brings so much joy to their lives as Shaelyn probably does yours. :)

I enjoyed seeing all the pictures----what wonderful memories.

Sheri said...

WOW! What great pictures!!!:) Happy belated birthday!