Monday, November 26, 2007

A busy weekend!

We had a nice Thanksgiving Day. It ended up not snowing so we went to Dave's sister for dinner. Then we headed back to our house for supper with my family. We enjoyed playing games and supper together.

Shaelyn and Halle sneaking into the crackers.

Cheri and Ann playing a game of Skip Bo.

Katelyn, Chelsea and Nick enjoying supper on Thanksgiving. We always have leftover turkey on buns. Yummy!!

Our tradition is to put the Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving. Dave ended up having to work, so he wasn't able to help. But we managed to do it ourselves.

Shaelyn getting in some play time before working on the tree.

The snow was beautiful while we were putting up the tree. I love it when it snows while we are putting up the tree. It really helps you to get into the Christmas spirit.

Hanging up the stockings.

Katelyn and Chelsea working on the lights.

Shaelyn working hard.

It's finally done.

The girls with the finished tree!

This is what a cat looks like when it's stuck in a Christmas tree.


Laura said...

I love all your pictures! That's great. And I liked the snow too - it was nice to set things up with a little bit of a Christmas feel.

I also like to know what a cat looks like when it's stuck in a Christmas tree. I'll let you know if I come across any! :)

Mari said...

Nice pictures of Thanksgiving and decorating. Love the cat picture! Which on is that?

Anonymous said...

I love seeing everyone's Christmas trees! It's fun to see the different personalities shine through.

Snow! Yikes---I cannot even imagine that yet. It's the coldest here in Japan in the month of Jan and Feb. Thats when we get snow.

I really enjoyed the pictures. The cat one was too funny.

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

I was so glad it was snowing too- great pictures except of the skip-bo people!
Cute cat picture.

chelsea said...

that cat would be Missy, she can be pretty evil, she's the worst when it comes to the Christmas tree and scratching furniture

Karen said...

I love these pictures, all that family fun and the snow...I'm booking a flight, I'm on my way :-) I'm melting over here, it's soooo hot (doesn't that sound wild?)

Anonymous said...

there is a begger at my feet- MILLY! and that darling kitty is soooo cute, i'm sure everyone is jealous of me and wishes they had a sweetheart like that :)

Sheri said...

The cat is hillarious! I could totally see our cat trying something like that- He's just too fat though- he'd knock the whole thing down!:)

Anonymous said...

Yes, snow is a must. I don't have mine up yet, but maybe this weekend...if it snows :o)

Hehe, the cat in the tree is great. The first year we had ours she took off from out of the tree and took all the lights with her down the hallway...AHHHH!