Monday, November 12, 2007

The Christmas Shopping Tales

What a great weekend I had. Here's a bit of what happened on my yearly Christmas shopping trip with Mari and Cheri! We started out around 8:30 - full of energy!! We had our lists all made and coupons sorted. I know that Cheri has a list up of the stores we went to but I'm giving out what I can remember too.
Toys R Us
Woodworking Shop
Harbor Freight
Hobby Lobby
Kregels Parable Store
Best Buy
Bed, Bath and Beyond
Gander Mountain
Rue 21
Payless Shoe Source
Jewelry Store
Hallmark Store
Bath and Body Works
Celebration Cinema
Old Navy
Fields Fabrics

We did make it to a lot of stores. The men think this is all fun and games but as you can tell from the list of stores - it's a lot of hard work!

Mari and I worked hard throughout the day!

See what Cheri was doing while Mari and I were working hard packing the van!

Here is a picture of our bags when we got back to the hotel. My bags are on the bed on the left. Mari and Cheri's are together on the right. Now I have read that I had a lot more than they did but I think it looks pretty even. We are always ready to get back to the hotel. We made it there around 8:00 I think, with very tired feet.

Part of the shopping tradition is to go to Olive Garden for supper. Mari & I tried some stuffed mushrooms. They were delicious. Then Cheri & I split some chicken fettucino. Nobody can beat the Olive Garden for that. There was quite a bit of laughter during this meal and for you southern gals - We had diet cokes and lemonade to drink, so we couldn't blame our slap happiness on anything else!! We always get dessert for takeout back at the hotel. Here is the Black Tie Forest Cake and Pumpkin Cheesecake. I'm not usually a pumpkin person but this was soooo good. We couldn't eat it all which is so disappointing but we enjoyed what we did eat!

This was when Cheri was still being friendly to me - before we went to sleep at night and she wasn't bothered by the noise! You'll have to head over to Cheri's to get the full story on that!


Karolee said...

Looks like a lot of fun - and a lot of work! WAY TOO MANY stores for me for one day!

Do you save up all year for your shopping trip? I'm so bad at saving up for Christmas and I usually wait until the last minute to shop.

LeslieW. said...

That is way too much fun! Dena is a noisy travel partner too...although I have no problem waking her up!

Anonymous said...

You three crack me up! I'm planning on a meeting sometime soon! I will probably reget it if I get all three of you at one time, but I think I'm up for it.

I must teach you how to hit the desserts before the other food. Sweets always come first!

nickernoodle said...

You get to meet GInger? I am so jealous. Hey Ging, what about me?! How fun. I love it when I get a lot accomplished and feel good about my purchases. A girls night out, who can beat that?

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Oh we are so even now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That wasn't a nice picture.
Yes I was on the phone- but when you leave the men in charge and they call- you have to answer to make sure everything is ok!
It was so much fun- I'm thinking we need to do this more than 1x a year!

Karen said...

Brilliant, I love it! We don't have a Target here in New Zealand, so whenever we go to Australia we head for Target, Toys R Us and the other big stores - great wonderful fun.

Bonnie said...

I have so loved reading the three posts you three (VERY COOL) sisters have posted !! Such fun ! Makes me miss my sisters ! (and my brother too - he'd totally get into this sort of tradition with us !)

Laura said...

It all looks like so much fun! But I agree that it is a lot of work. At least this way it's not so busy - it's already started to get crazy over by the mall. I'm glad you all had so much fun!

Dena said...

Why they always picking on the LOUD sleepers??? that is more shopping than I do in a year! y'all are crazy - Olive Garden does make the best chicken fett - i have tried it lots of places but they take the cake - speaking of cake - yummy!!! I think I want to tag a long next year but I might not be able to keep up!

Nancy said...

You girls look like you had a great time.. I can't believe all the packages..& I agree about the Olive garden it is the best!!

The Birds Nest said...

Supposedly I am the recipient of a shopping award, but I never go to that many stores in a day!! In fact, I now prefer to sit in my chair and shop. I shopped in Dena's store today via phone. Your trip looks like so much fun!!! I think you should definitely go more than once a year, and let me come along next time.

Anonymous said...

How fun and what a blessing to be able to share it with sisters!

Man that is a LOT of shopping bags! I would love to shop in some of those stores. :)

Glad you had so much fun!