Sunday, March 29, 2009

What am I Seeing?

I looked outside after church this morning and I am not sure what I saw. I thought it was rain but after closer evaluation, I noticed that it was thicker and white. Surely that cannot be snow! Really, I know that this is Michigan but we've had temps here lately that are in the 50's. Can't this wait until next week when I'm in a state with warmer temps?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lunch Time

Yes, I am still alive. I will try to get around to news more often.
Today, I got taken out for lunch by Katelyn. This was my Christmas gift from
her. She gave me a certificate that she would take me to Ming Ten for a buffet
when it worked. Well, she is home this week for spring break and we decided to
go today. Ming Ten is a Chinese and Japanese buffet close to her dorms. It's
on the 2nd level of the building so you can look out the windows and get a better
view. They had so much delicious food. Crab rangoons, spring rolls, egg rolls,
egg drop soup, chicken of all kinds, shrimp, about 12 kinds of sushi, fruit, eggs...
I could go on and on. It was so good. If you're ever looking for a good Asian
restaurant, try this place. Thanks Katelyn. It was fun!