Saturday, June 26, 2010

China Camp

Every June, Shaelyn attends Heritage Camp (aka - China camp) for a week. This is for kids who are adopted to learn about their heritage. The main groups are China, Korea, Latin America and Eastern Europe. Every day there is a different food for lunch from those countries. They go to music class, language class and spend time in the classroom learning about their heritage. This year, Shaelyn got to paint a parasol, make a cootie catcher from origami paper and learn cats cradle and Chinese jump rope. It is so much fun for her to meet all these other girls who were adopted, just like her. Each year, many of them return to camp and their friendships continue to grow. Some families come from 3 hours away! Typically, I can pick Shaelyn out in a program but not here - the school is packed with so many Chinese girls, I can't always find her. How nice for her to actually be in the majority for once. I would recommend this camp for anyone with internationally adopted kids. She loves it!

Here is Shaelyn with a friend she sees every year at camp.

These are two of Shaelyn's friends. Our families all went to China together.
Here they are in their Chinese clothes, getting ready for the parade of nations.

Learning how to say animal names in Chinese

These girls are practicing the "Lion Dance"

These are the girls in her class, posing with the parasols they painted.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Chelsea's Graduation

I know you're all shocked to see anything here. I decided it was time to post a few pictures. Chelsea graduated May 26. Here's some pictures of the special night! Hopefully, I'll have some pictures of her open house in the near future.

Here is Chelsea and her best friend, Kristin before the ceremony.

Walking down the aisle to "Pomp and Circumstance"

Proud family!