Friday, November 02, 2007

A Menagerie of Thoughts

It looked so pretty outside this morning. It froze last night. I don't know if you can see how cool the grass looked, but the frost was all over it and it looked beautiful.

The sun was coming up so brightly. Maybe the grass looks "frostier" on this picture.

The tree looked so pretty with the sun just shining partly on it.

Shaelyn's conversation with me the other day - and no, she wasn't in trouble or anything. She was just thinking. Keep in mind that this is just a 4 year olds thoughts.
Also, Halle is her cousin who is 1 year older than her.

Shaelyn : Mom, when everybody else dies, then Halle will be in charge, right?
Me: Sure
Shaelyn : It will be nice when everybody dies.
Me : I'm not really thinking so, why?
Shaelyn : Because then I won't have to follow any rules and nobody will tell me what
to do.

I wonder what she's always thinking about because she constantly is!

Karen has awarded me with The Friendly Site Blog Award. There are many of you out there who deserve this. So I am going to do what I've seen others do. If you are listed on my sidebar, I consider you to be friendly. Go ahead and take this for yourself. You all deserve it.

Go check out Karen's blog today because she has a give away going. She has a book on How to Strengthen Yourself in the Lord. You can enter by going to her blog!


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

WHAT!!!!! You didn't tell me about this conversation today. Halle will be glad to know that she's in charge.

Mari said...

Tell Cheri that Halle is not in charge yet - we are still alive! I do wonder what she is thinking about sometimes!

Mel's World said... about thinking ahead...good for you for being "available" to talk through this...

What a beautiful site...I LOVE LOVE LOVE your little pixie on the side...too cute!

I am so glad you came over to visit my blog and enter the Give Away...


Anonymous said...

I love little children's perspective! Sometimes, they seem a little bazarre----but those wheels are always turning, aren't they?
Congratulations on the award! You are friendly and so is your blog!! I love visiting.

Anonymous said...

amy thought what shaelyn said was really funny and is making me tell everyone!

Anonymous said...

Jack can't wait to "grow up so he can be the boss." I don't think he has considered the other "alternative," ha ha! :)

Beautiful pictures!

Dena said...

It is sooo beautiful where you live! I just can't get over the landscaping!

I always wonder where kids get these things from Halle must let her stay up late and eat LOTS of candy! hahahahaha

Bonnie said...

I love the way kids talk and think ! So fun !

Laura said...

Well. It's good to know she doesn't really care if anything happens to the rest of us! :) Unfortunately for her, I don't think things would be so good if it was just the two of them left alone! We'll let her have her dreams though... :)

AutumnFawn said...

Thanks for visiting my site! Oh, I am envious of your "frosty" mornings! The mornings here are just a bit cool, but by noon it's in the 80's and 90's still! :(

The Birds Nest said...

I love the pics. The frost is so beautiful! I don't get to see it like that too much in SC. It is absolutely amazing what children come up with!! Their little minds are always working!! Thanks for the award!! You definitely deserve the friendly blog award too!!