Tuesday, November 20, 2007

TIme for the Holidays!

We went to a holiday parade on Saturday. It was a bit chilly so we went to McDonalds and got Mocha's to drink. We've gone to this parade every year and it's usually quite a bit of fun - unless it's snowing or rainy. The route ends at the fire station where they serve hot chocolate, coffee and doughnuts. Here's some of the highlights.

Shaelyn, Katelyn and her friend Erin. Staying warm before the parade started.

Here comes Chelsea's band. Don't they look nice?

Chelsea is the shorter one in front. They played "Joy to the World"

Shaelyn loved the little ponies

Here comes Santa Claus (and Mrs. Claus)

Live reindeer at the fire station

At the fire station, enjoying hot chocolate


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Looks like fun. Did Shaelyn come home with tons of candy again?
Good thing you posted both pictures of the band. I looked and looked and never found Chelsea in the first one- with old age comes poor eyesight!

Mari said...

It was a pretty good day for a parade considering the month. Looks like everyone had fun - esspecially Shaelyn!

Nancy said...

I love parades but feel like I'm to old to let to many people know that!!!

Karen said...

Looks great! Those little ponies are sooo cute too.

Anonymous said...

My husband asked if I wanted to go to the parade. I passed. Shoot I could have hunted you down :o)

Anonymous said...

Hey girl
My computer has been at one store and I have been at the other...I got my computer moved today but no internet yet!

Been missing my girls!

Anonymous said...

It looks so COLD there! I'm slightly jealous... today it was actually a bit warm here, and Thanksgiving is in 2 days. I like mild weather, but every once in awhile, we do like to be cold. It's a nice change, and it feels holiday-ish. Last year we never even got snow, boo-hoo.

Enjoy the cold, the hot cocoa, the coats, and the holidays!

Laura said...

I'm with Shaelyn! Those ponies are stinkin' adorable! I told Aaron if he buys me a pony we can sell my car and I'll ride it to work! :)

Anonymous said...

It's the little things of the U.S. that I miss----especially when it comes to holidays.