Wednesday, February 28, 2007

No news is good news?

Alright - I'm sorry I haven't posted again but really there is not much to say about what's happening here. Katelyn is gone and apparently enjoying Florida. We did get a snow day on Monday so that was nice again. We've had quite a few of these lately. (Can anyone explain to me what Al Gore is talking about with the global warming bit? I don't believe it!)
Actually, the thing on my mind lately is Dave's job again. They laid off 2 people last week because they got all the work done and there really isn't much coming in again. I'm quite sick of this stress level. Then he comes home to me and says maybe we should take spring break in North Carolina. There is a lot of work there and we could check it out. And I believe he's serious. He's just sick of always getting laid off. His former foreman moved there over Christmas and told a bunch of the guys he could use them there. None of the work is coming to Michigan - thanks Jennifer Granholm for all your hard work. (do you see any repetition to my love of the democrats!!!) I just heard yesterday that Toyota was deciding on building here or Mississippi and they chose Mississippi. Why? I have no clue. So anyway, that's my life. Sorry for the depressing blog but I know some of you (Laura) have complained about me not writing and this is all I have to tell you. I'll try to update you on what's happening.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Goodbye Katelyn - Hello Florida

Katelyn is leaving for Florida today with her friend's family. She is very excited - seeing that she's never been to Florida before. Hopefully the weather there will warm up! She is allowed to take 1 -yes I said 1 duffle bag. That was a challenge for her to pack. She will be gone for about 8 days. This could also prove to be a challenge for me. I'm so used to having her around to help out. This will be practice for me for when she goes to college I guess. I hope she has a great time.

Here's an update on the lady from my church with cancer. They gave her an option of a different type of chemo. She's going to go for it and said she's not ready to give up. She also has a new doctor for managing the pain. He specializes in pain control and feels he will be able to help her control it. The family was very upbeat on Wednesday - when her mom came to Bible study. So we'll just continue to pray that all goes well. They appreciate your prayers also.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hurray - It's a foggy day!

Yeah - because it was foggy out today, we had a school delay of 2 hours. That would mean 2 hours of extra sleep. Gail called me at 6:00 to say her school was delayed and I should check mine. Yup - onto the computer I went to find that both schools were delayed. The girls actually woke up enough to understand that they got extra sleep. So Shaelyn was the first one up this morning. Chelsea and I decided that school should start this time every day because we were all so wide awake. I should get a lot accomplished today because I've gotten enough sleep.
On a side note: I've told some of you about a lady from my church that has cancer. She is a single mom - in her late 30's with a 12 year old daughter. She went in for surgery yesterday to try to help with the pain. I was called last night that they pretty much just opened her up and then closed again and there wasn't really anything they could do. If this means that so many more tumors had grown or what - we're not sure - but it was very disappointing. So I'm sure that family would appreciate any prayers for them.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

It's warming up

Well, it seems that the meltdown has started. It's amazing what a little sun can do to a driveway. I was outside scraping some of that ice off of our driveway today. There's still some pretty thick ice in spots but it's going down. I'm really not ready for spring yet but I must say that it is nice to be able to drive on the roads a bit better. Except that now, we have to let Chelsea drive again and it's still a nerve racking situation. Tonight, I'm heading out to get our taxes done - eeek. Wish me luck - I know we're going to have to pay but we need the information to finish filling out Katelyn's FAFSA forms. Enjoy the weather, it's supposed to rain for the weekend.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wow - it's cold!

We had to deliver papers again today. It was so cold out. This is so unusual because I am not usually cold - I'm always hot. Well lately, I have been cold. Typically, when we have a fire downstairs it gets so hot but that has not been the case. This almost makes me ready for warmer weather. Here's my update on Youth Supper at church Sunday night too. I put the meatballs on before I taught Little People's church at 8:30. I had gotten 3 large pizza sauces. After fighting with the can opener I finally suceeded in opening them. I realized that 3 cans would not be enough. I ended up going to Costco again at noon to buy another can. Everyone arrived there by 5:00. We got it all set out and when those kids went through the line, it was like a madhouse. They just seemed to keep on coming. Apparently though, it was a small group. We ended up with a ton of leftovers which turned out good because we had a lot to take home. And it only ended up costing the 5 of us $26. So it went okay, but I am GLAD to be done.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I'm back

Well, I have returned back to my computer. As most of you know, I have been working with Laura at the floral shop for the past few days. It started as just going in to help out on Thursday night. I kind of enjoyed it (minus the bouquet making) so I worked it out to go in Friday night too. Well then I really wanted to finish out the week, so I went in till noon this morning. My fingers look a little worse for the wear now but I feel like I accomplished something and I even have a little bouquet that I took home. Now I'm working on the menu for high school supper at church tomorrow. You may know that I'm more than a little stressed over this project. I've planned meatball subs with some side dishes. I hope it works. You can think of me tomorrow at 6:00 while this is going on. I cannot wait till this is over. Tonight we're heading over to Playworld with Cheri and my cousin. Hopefully, we can somewhat sit back and relax because I'm somewhat tired from the last few days.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dad's Night

Shaelyn had a special night with Dad last night. Even though school was closed for the day, they held their Dad's night. She's been looking forward to this ever since she heard about it. They both got to go and play games and make crafts. You can see the hat that they made. Isn't it beautiful!!? They also made the drum she is holding. Some of the games they enjoyed were bowling, bean bag toss and hopscotch. (I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall to watch that) She also came home with popcorn. What a great night for bonding with Dad!

Monday, February 05, 2007

You gotta love it!

I love a good old fashioned snow storm. Mostly because I don't have to drive in it. As you can see, our picnic table is covered. We even made snow ice cream! I love seeing it all piled up. Thanks to Cheri, Lexi has made it indoors too. She called on Friday and said it was too cold for her to be out. So in she came. Chelsea and I did the work of giving her a bath. She has her kennel in the basement by the woodstove. I was really hoping she would remember where to go "potty" So far, she's done pretty good. She had 1 little accident in Katelyn's room. When we put her out Friday night, she gave us this pitiful little look about why she was outside. She seemed to say that she was an indoor dog now. I think she loves it when it gets really cold because she gets to stay inside. We'll see how long this lasts. I must admit, I feel really bad for her outside. She is having to much fun in the house. It was really nice staying home all day Saturday and Sunday and then having a snow day today too. Dave had to work Friday night and Saturday. He said the roads were horrid on Saturday. I was really glad when he made it back home. But Katelyn had to go to work this morning. I was a "little" nervous about that. Especially when I saw her slowly creeping up the hill by our house. I was just waiting for that car to go sliding backwards down. She said it was an interesting trip in. She also wondered if she was going to go down backwards too. So I told her to take it easy on the way home. Hopefully, things will be a little better then. Hope you all stayed safe too in the Blizzard of 07.

Friday, February 02, 2007

She earns her keep!

Shaelyn loves being out in the snow. Last night, Dave went out to blow the driveway. She found this out and decided that she needed to go out too. Later, he went to carry in some wood. She decided that the patio needed to be shoveled off so he could get through. He comes in and tells me that she is shoveling. I look and see she got it nearlyn all cleared. You can see the pile of snow behind her where she shoveled it. I'm thinking we had about 7 inches out there and she shoveled it all - all by herself. I'd say she's earning her keep!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

More of the winter dance

Katelyn didn't think it was fair that I posted about Chelsea dancing with guys at Winter Dance - So, here's a picture of her and her date - Nick. Yes, she danced with him too! She has some nice pictures from here camera but I can't get them to transfer over so I can get them up here. So for now this will have to do. Maybe in the future I will figure out how to get them moved and will be able to show better ones of the dance.