Saturday, September 29, 2007

I've been Tagged

I've been tagged by Karen, of Karen's Ramblings for this Meme:

1: What I was doing 10 years ago:

At that point, I had just sent my youngest child, Chelsea, off to Kindergarten. Little did I know, that she wouldn't be my youngest for too much longer. It was nice having a little more freedom to do things during the morning hours. At that point, Kindergarten was every morning. I was doing daycare in my house for friends of ours, 3 days a week.

2: What I was doing 5 years ago:

We were finishing redoing our house. We put an addition on in the basement, so that we could have another bedroom for the baby (Shaelyn) we were waiting to adopt. We moved Chelsea downstairs to a new room. I'm able to volunteer a lot more at school, although continuing to do daycare for the same family. Katelyn is in her last year at the middle school and Chelsea is in her last at the elementary school. We had hoped that we would have had Shaelyn by now but China was behind in it's adoptions. And soon, SARS would be hitting in Asia, therefore slowing down the adoptions even further.

3: One year ago:

Shaelyn was starting Preschool!! Dave had gotten laid off his job because there was no work again. This became a source of stress but also many faith lessons and continuing to trust that God would provide. While I continued to do daycare for the same family (they have 5 boys ages 13 to 2 years old and I have watched them all), I was also given the opportunity to watch another child from another family I know. This was a way to have a little more income while Dave was looking for work. Katelyn was in her senior year at high school and Chelsea was a freshman. It was kind of a strange feeling that both girls were in high school.

4: Yesterday:

I enjoyed a lovely morning with Cheri. We get together every Friday and just hang out and do lunch. Shaelyn didn't have school so she and Halle could play. It was beautiful weather out - about 70 degrees. I've been waiting for some cooler weather and it's finally here (I hope to stay) At night, we went out for pizza with some friends. We came back to our house and played the game, Apples to Apples. It was a good day.

5: Five snacks I enjoy:

Chocolate - I'm a female. What female doesn't love chocolate?
Popcorn from the movie theater - It just makes the movie better.
Ice cream - We went to Captain Sundae last Saturday. They have great sundaes.
Peaches - They have to be fresh and slightly softened. I take the fuzz off and
they're great.
Trio bars - They are something like granola bars. I just bought them from Costco and
they have different flavors like Strawberry, Tropical and Cranberry.

6: 5 Things I would do if I suddenly had $100 million:

Well, we'd pay off the house and then buy some new vehicles. Both of ours are dying and have over 100,000 miles.
I'd love to be able to give some to both of our schools and churches. All of them are building new additions or total new buildings. I'd also give some to Creation Museum because I believe so much in what they teach.
I'd travel around to some places like South Carolina, Australia, Auckland, Guernsey - you all get the picture don't ya.
I'd set some aside for college for the kids and help Katelyn out right now and
I'd like to be able to help out family that needs vehicles and other things.

7: 5 locations I would like to run away to:
Well, I've kind of mentioned some of these already -
China - we want to go back there with Shaelyn,
Austalia and New Zeeland area. I've always wanted to go there
Grand Canyon and out west - it looks so inspiring out there
Florida and Gulf Shores area- never been to Disney and the kids would like to go
Hawaii - would love to see all the volcanoes and sites there

8: 5 bad Habits I have:
Judging people prematurely, eating improperly, jumping to conclusions before hearing the whole story, getting annoyed with rotten drivers, short tempered when I'm stressed out

9: 5 Things I like Doing:
Scrapbooking, Reading, Playing in church orchestra, Getting together with family,
Playing volleyball with friends

10: 5 TV shows I like:
This is tough. Actually I like a lot - Survivor, Lost, Cold Case, Amazing Race and Criminal Minds

11: 5 Things I hate Doing:
Getting up in the morning, Mopping the floor, Exercising (until I'm done, then I'm glad I did it), Balancing the checkbook, Paying taxes

12: 5 Biggest joys of the moment:
My family, The change in the Weather, Knowing that Andy Graduated from Boot Camp,
My computer and blogging friends, My faith and knowing that God's in control.

I know, there's quite a bit to this meme but it really made me think. I think it gives you all a bit more info. into my past. Hope you all enjoyed.

So here are the five people that I am now tagging:

1. Cheri

2. Dena

3. Karolee

4. Jillian

5. Heather

Friday, September 28, 2007

It's my official signature

Testing - Testing
Please let my signature work!


The newest Flower Arrangement

Who doesn't love a beautiful flower arrangement? Shaelyn has come up with another beautiful one. I was reading the paper the other night, not really paying much attention to her. She said she had flowers and needed a vase. "Okay", I said. I hear her saying Oh, no. I look and see her arrangement. It's dandelions but not not in full bloom. They were in full "fuzzy" bloom. It was a lovely arrangement, she added a leaf for a different perspective too.

But here is what I saw on the floor. Hope you can see it - it's fuzzies all over the floor. Oh well, we kept it for 1 day. Maybe she's got some "budding" talent?!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

13 Things we did today at the Children's Museum.
They were having a special China exhibit featuring China's superhero - The Monkey King - so we thought we should go and experience the fun!

1. Played in the Sand Area

2. Played Monkey King against Bull Demon

3. Played in the Bubbles

4. Played the Teamwork Ball Maze Game

5. Sat in the Buddha's Hand

6. Dressed up partially like the Monkey King

7. Played the Lighted Peaches Game

8. Put our Heads through the Table

9. Made Paper Lanterns and hung them around our Necks

10. Put things on the Spinner Table

11. Went through the Triangle Mirror

12. Played with the Puppet Theater

13. Made things with the magnet shapes.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Here is Millie's excitement when Chelsea comes home.

Amy's contest

For those of you who like to participate in contests, I've got one for you. Go on over to Amy and check out her blog and the rules. Who doesn't like to win something?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Bargain that makes me Smile

Here's pictures of a bargain that make me smile. This is Shaelyn's new winter dress. (she will be wearing her tights with this but we didn't want the hassle for the picture now) It was originally priced at $50 (really, I would never pay that) but with all the discounts and my coupons, I got it for $10. It's exactly what she loves, all fancy and frilly. She noticed it has 4 different skirt layers. It's got a nice black bow in the back and the jacket can be removed. That is great because she is always hot. Cherub choir will be singing Oct. 28, so I think she's got the look - now she just has to learn the songs.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Things that Make me Smile

Cheri has tagged me for Things that Make Me Smile. Wow, I have to give this some thought. Here goes -

1: The changing of the seasons - it's been so hot here. We set another record high today. Whenever a new season hits, I'm ready for it.

2. Watching Millie when we get home - she's so hilarious. I'll video it sometime. She gets so excited that her whole back half is moving back and forth.

3. Shaelyn sleeping - I love to look at her when she sleeps. It's about the only time I see her still.

4. Full Orchestra at Church - Every month, we get together with flutes, clarinets, violins, piano, etc. I especially love it on Christmas and Easter. The full sound just makes you want to praise even more.

5. Shaelyn in the shower - She will stand in the shower forever and just play with her toys. Then she usually starts singing. It's great to hear.

6. Getting a bargain at the store - I bought Shaelyn a new winter dress, Saturday. I got a great deal. I'll post pictures of it soon.

7. Listening to my girls - Whenever anything exciting happens, they usually have a lot to tell me. I love it that they are willing to share with me yet.

8. Shaelyn and Dave - Shaelyn always has a lot planned for Dave to do - games, books or helping outside. She's great at keeping him busy.

9. Dave getting overtime hours - You have to know my family for this. Dave's job is always so up and down with the economy in Michigan. You never know when he will get laid off, so when there's work; we're happy.

10. USA flag - I love watching my country's flag flying in the wind. I know some of you are from different country's and I'm sure you feel the same way about your flag. You just have to love the freedom's we have.

Now I have to tag a few of you. I'm sending this to:Bonnie and Dena,

Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Night at the Beach - Part 2

Here's the rest of the pictures I promised. The first one is looking toward the lighthouse and the pier that we walked. The others are of some of the boats going down the channel. Aren't they fun to watch?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Night at the Beach

We went to the beach tonight with Cheri (and her family), and my cousin and his family. We get together about every 3 months and Patti suggested the beach. It was nice out, so we headed out there. We stopped for pizza first and took it there. We ate by the channel and watched the boats go by. I'll post pictures of that tomorrow. After dinner, we headed to the beach area and played frisbee, flew kites and played in the sand. You will notice that the younger kids did a little more playing in the water, than out! After that, we headed back to the channel to try a little fishing. Shaelyn did not catch anything. She blamed it on us. We were being too noise and scaring all the fish away. We ended up, walking the pier to the lighthouse. It was gorgeous out there. At the end of the night, we thought we needed a little dessert. We headed to the "famous", Captain Sundae. This is where President Bush ordered a Tommy Turtle Sundae when he was out, campaigning. What a fun night. We couldn't have asked for better weather or a more fun night!

See how Shaelyn is trying to pull them out of the water?

Laura, do you see the BIRDS?

Shaelyn and Ryan trying their hand at a little fishing

The Holland Lighthouse

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Are you thirsty? We've got grape juice!

Shaelyn and I spent some time today using up our grapes. I decided that today would be a good day to make grape juice. She helped to clean the grapes and measure them. We got 14 quarts of juice.(and they all sealed!!) Now we have to wait the 6 weeks before we can taste it.
Apparently, I didn't tire her out enough because I hear the vacuum cleaner going. She wanted to vacuum the living room. Am I a slave driver or what? I have never seen a child who wants to help out so much!

Nice Matters

My wonderful sister, Mari, passed on this Nice Matters Award. I'm guessing "niceness" runs in the family because she passed it on to my other sister, Cheri, as well. And I think that both of them are pretty nice! I'm going to pass this along to Leigh Ann because I figure if she's related to Dena and Leslie, she's gotta be nice!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Somewhat Wordless Wednesday

This is a video I found of July 4. It is Laura's husband Aaron, playing Duck,Duck, Goose with his younger cousins. What a good "egg"!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Another Shaelynism

Here we are again. That Shaelyn, what can I say?
So usually, when something happens that I'm not quite happy with, I'll say "crap"
I realize it's probably not the most discreet word but I use it. When something happens to Katelyn, she responds, "crayfish" I have no clue where she came up with that, but oh well. Something went wrong for Shaelyn the other day and she responds,
"Oh crapfish!" Where does she pick up these things?

Chicken Chimichangas

I know I've told some of you about this recipe before but I made them again last night and everybody loved them. Even Chelsea, who seems to hate mexican food.

1 lb. boneless chicken, cubed
1/4 c. chopped green pepper
1/2 c. quick cooking rice (uncooked)
1/4 c. sliced ripe olives (optional)
1 1/2 c. mild salsa
1 to 2 tsp. chili powder
8 large flour tortillas
6 oz. shredded cheddar cheese
Oil for frying
Salsa, sour cream, shredded lettuce,
tomato sauce and guacamole to garnish

In large skillet with a little oil, brown chicken with the green pepper. Stir in the rice, olives, salsa, and chili powder. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer, uncovered, 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat and cover. Let sit 5 minutes.

Heat tortillas as directed on package (microwave works best). Place 1/2 cup filling down one side of warm tortilla. Sprinkle 3 tablespoons cheese over chicken. Fold side nearest mixture up and over until mixture is covered. Fold in two other sides and roll up. Secure loose edge with toothpick.

In large skillet, heat 1/2 inch oil to 375. Fry filled tortillas in hot oil 30 to 45 seconds or until golden brown.
(I don't use the toothpick. I just put it in the pan with with folded side down to hold it until browned, then flip it over)

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Vine

Katelyn noticed the other day that our grapes were ready. Sure enough, the vines are loaded. It reminds me of the verse from John 15 -

I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing. Then yesterday in church we sang this song:

We're the people of God, called by His name,
called from the dark and delivered from shame;
one holy race, saints every one,
because of the blood of Christ Jesus, the Son.

If we're God's people, we should be showing some "fruit". I've been pondering this a lot lately. I met a new neighbor at the bus stop. She does not come from the same background as I do - 3 children with no father,welfare, etc.. There is no church affiliation or religious beliefs. I'm looking for small ways that I can be a witness. She does not have a car, so she walks home from work. I'm thinking that I could bring her home once in a while, but I can't do it every day. Sometimes, our church has movie night (veggie tales or something similar). The kids could be invited to that. I would love to hear suggestions on what you think. You know, I pray for opportunities to witness and then they come and I get scared and feel insecure. I just feel so out of my comfort zone, if you know what I mean. Sorry, I'm kind of rambling. Just my thoughts for the day.

Lastly, these grapes have got me thinking - grape juice.
I make my own. Here's an easy grape juice recipe:
Wash 100 grapes (or about 2 cups). Put them into Qt. jars.
Add 1/3 cup of sugar. Fill the rest of the jar with boiling water.
Stir gently to dissolve the sugar. Process in canner for 25 minutes.
It's best to let them set for 6 weeks. When ready for serve, strain
out the grapes and drink the juice. Delicious. My kids love it!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

School Yard Fun

Sunday afternoon is a time that Shaelyn and Dave usually play together. A lot of times, they head to the school yard for fun. I decided to join them to see what they all do there. There are 3 different sections to this school yard. At first there are the monkey bars. She's pretty proud that she can go across them on her own.


Who's going the wrong way on the slide? She obviously takes after her Dad!

At first there are the monkey bars. She's pretty proud that she can go across them on her own.

I sound like a real drill sgt., don't I.

Look at her go!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

My First Award

Bonnie has given me the "You make me Smile Award". ..Thanks Bonnie, it's my first award ever!

This is what the person that created this award says about it-" the thing that I love most about blogging is that I learn so much about a person just by reading their blog. I have met MANY wonderful people with wonderful stories to tell, and I am grateful every day for each person that I have the pleasure of crossing paths in life with. I wanted to create something special for the top ten people who have inspired me through their blogging; the stories they tell, and the lives that they lead with grace and dignity. I visit their blogs for inspiration and encouragement. Although there are MANY people I want to give this award to at this very moment, I am going to choose ten bloggers: Please grab your badge and wear it(with a smile) proudly, and pass it on because you inspire and encourage me, thank you."

Here's my nominations for this award: (in no particular order)


Now I know that some of you have been nominated previously, but I still read your blogs and you do make me smile every time I read them.

By the way, I've got a new poll up there. Make sure you check it out and give me your answer!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Dave

Today is my husband, Dave's birthday. He is exactly 8 days younger than I am. (and he likes to make it known, too) He is a great husband and father. He works hard to provide for us, so that I am able to stay home with the kids. Shaelyn has a little finger that her father is wrapped around. Typically, after supper, there is time for games between the two of them.
We probably will not be celebrating his birthday tonight though because Katelyn is not home. We'll try for Sunday, when we'll all be together. Happy Birthday Dave and hope your day turns out great!!
Love, Terri, Katelyn, Chelsea and Shaelyn
(and Missy, Nerman, Sammie, Lexi and Millie)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Never Forget!

Today, 6 years ago, was Sept. 11, 2001. I vividly remember that day. I heard on the radio that one of the towers was hit by a plane. I ran downstairs to turn on the TV. As I was watching, the 2nd plane came into view and hit the 2nd tower. I cannot describe the horror of watching that happen. People running everywhere, not knowing what to do. I think we need to remember the tragedy of this all. Thank our military for their willingness to try to continue to stop this from happening again. We live in a great country with many freedoms that some people want to take away from us. Time does heal pain and hurt but I think we need to always remember what we felt on that fateful day.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Reception Dinner

Friday night, Dad & Ann treated all of their kids and grandkids to a delayed wedding reception. It was at a beautiful restaurant. It used to be a church but was turned in to a restaurant, all decorated in Victorian Christmas style. They received some nice gifts including some used kitchen appliances donated by the Wedding Fairy. (You see, Ann has been cleaning the kitchen out and has been trying to get rid of all the extra's they have.) There are many practical jokers in our family and Ann has a great
sense of humor for these things.

The gift from the Wedding Fairy

Here's the happy new couple.

Here is Shaelyn and Ann's great granddaughter. Don't they look cute together?

For your extra information. If you have children in school. Beware!! There is a flu bug going around. I know this how??? I received a call from school this morning saying that Shaelyn had thrown up in class. So she's home right now with a temp. Hopefully this won't last long or be passed on to the rest of us!

Friday, September 07, 2007

My kitchen cupboards

Okay, you asked for it. Mari is doing a blog about what her kitchen cupboards looked like. This is a warning for all
of you to stop and proceed no further if you cannot handle disaster areas. I would probably have to rate this blog an R for restricted viewing.

My pantry. Now I think this looks pretty good. Chelsea just sorted it all out in the beginning of summer. My cereals are in nice containers!

Remember, I warned you. Here's my cake pans and cookie sheets. I wish I had a nice skinny cupboard like Mari.

Here's my first lazy susan. I keep all my flour, sugar and baking food here. I do wish that mine had a back all around it though because sometimes things will fall off and behind.

I know - this is a mess. This lazy susan keeps pie plates and mixers and gadgets. These things don't stack well, so that's my excuse for the mess here.

This is where I keep all my bowls and measuring cups and such.