Tuesday, October 03, 2006

We bought a trailer!

We bought a trailer yesterday. Well actually, we bought it last week but had to wait to get it until Dave could do some adjustments on the hitch. It has two beds that pull out from both sides like a pop up camper. We wanted a trailer but really needed one that was light enough for us to pull and we finally found this one. I'm especially excited to have air conditioning and a bathroom!
Here is the girls side. It has a double bed on the end. Chelsea will probably sleep on the couch, which was where she usually did in the camper. The bathroom is on the right hand side. On the left is a cabinet to hopefully store our clothes in - if there is room enough for all of Katelyn's things.
This is the larger bed - which will be mine. Katelyn finds it somewhat humorous that I will have to be crawling over the couch to get into bed. You can see that the bed is not pulled out here because the cushions are still propped up. The girls were pretty excited because they didn't know we were getting this. Hopefully, this will work good for us. Cheri, are you ready to go camping this summer? We're ready whenever you are! Posted by Picasa


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

It looks really nice! It'll be nice next summer- us sitting in the air and the kids outside enjoying the hot weather!! hee hee

Laura said...

Wow! Very cool. Air conditioning though - is that real camping? I agree with you though - I would have loved to have it. I guess you'll have to give Katelyn a limit on how much she can bring!

Anonymous said...

It looks really nice - I'm jealous! Mari

Anonymous said...

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