Sunday, October 08, 2006

The fight for the Computer

Well, last week, we finally got our computer set up for high speed. First, it caused some trouble to my blog so that is my excuse for not putting anything up lately. But now, it has become a fight for the computer. Shaelyn needs me to go to "pony land" with her and earn points (although it is rather fun seeing what we can do) and now Chelsea has started hers up too. Katelyn wants it for school papers. Every time I decide that I'm going to start going to the computer, I see the light on in there, and alas, someone else has taken over. Ahhhhhh! I believe I will have to set limits on everyone (besides myself) Hopefully, during the week, I should be able to get my fix in while the girls are at school. Otherwise, we're going to have to purchase another computer! Ha


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you have an excuse for slacking. Your blogging should come first - before Katelyn, Chelsea and Shaelyn. I'm looking forward to lots of great entries! Mari

Laura said...

I agree!