Thursday, October 12, 2006

My instant comfort

I'm responding to the blog that Heather wrote about instant comfort - Here are some of my favorites :

1- Snuggling with Shaelyn in the morning when I don't want to get up - She's an instant heating pad

2- A hot cup of chocolate on a cold day - Unfortunately like today!!

3 - Watching my kids playing together

4- Singing some of my favorite songs in church

5 -Sitting by the fire during a blizzard - Can you see that I keep thinking snow?

6- Taking out my coat for a new season and finding money in the pocket

7- Petting the cats and feeling them purr

8- Holding a new baby

That's some of mine - who else has any?


Laura said...

I forgot about that! I love finding money in clothes you haven't worn in a while! I hope that happens soon!

Anonymous said...

Great list - mine is listed under Heather's and I don't want to write it again (lazy, I know) Mari