Monday, October 16, 2006

The hotel

Well, I've given up trying to post any pictures of our night at the hotel. This is now my 4th time trying. I'll just give you an update. When, we got there, we hung out until Katelyn could make it. We headed out to pick up some Chinese for supper. It was delicious! Then we thought the pool would be a great place to excercise it off. We swam till 7:00 after which Katelyn had to leave and go to the dance. I called Dave to find out when he would be there. He was out of town and things were not going well. So he finally made it to the hotel at 10:00. Chuck and Sue were late too and made it around 8:30. We decided that we should go for a swim that night together so the girls had a good time running from pool to hot tub. We enjoyed a great game of Catch Phrase when Dave arrived. And of course, the females pretty much took every game. We managed to make it into the pool once more in the morning after breakfast. We would have preferred to go camping but since the weather was going our way, it was nice to spend a night away from home.

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Laura said...

Bummer about the weather and lateness and everything. Oh well though - time away is time away right? Glad you still had fun!