Friday, October 20, 2006

Katelyn's college visit

Katelyn went to a college visit today. I know, my little girl is growing up. I can't believe we have to think about college. She went to Kuyper last night for an overnight stay. She wasn't really too sure about this but I kind of pushed for her to try it. She really seemed to have a good time. She thought the dorms were nice. Then this morning I met her there. We met with a social work professor - that's what she wants to do. They gave us a bunch of information about it - her class course and what not. We went to the chapel service which was nice. Later, we split into groups and they toured us around. We got lunch at the cafeteria and later had an important meeting about financial aid. They are really willing to help fill out all the scholorships and financial aid paperwork which I appreciate greatly! The students all seemed very friendly and it's such a small campus - around 300 students. Every class room is in 1 building which has a covered hallway to the cafeteria and student centers. She really loved it there. She thought maybe she should check out at least 1 more college just to see if there is a big difference but we'll see. We'll see how much in scholorships she gets as this could determine if she stays on campus or not. I'm sure that this will all happen quicker than I want to think about.

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