Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Great Escape!

Last week, I come home from dropping Katelyn off to find Chelsea downstairs with a flashlight. I come in the door and they say, Nope, just Mom not a mouse. I'm somewhat confused and Chelsea tells me that Graham Cracker - her hamster - has escaped. Not a good thing with 3 cats in the house. Apparently, Katelyn broke a latch on the cage. They put a scrapbook on top to hold it down. Well, they didn't tell me that. I saw the book on top the next day and returned it to its rightful place because I didn't want to take the chance of the hamster chewing on it. Because there was nothing heavy on top, he could just push it open and run out - which is what he did. Chelsea and Kristie searched through the room and moved all of her stuffed animals away and didn't find him. So I searched throughout the night too. When we went to bed, I decided to shut her door with Nerman inside. Nerman is notorious for killing rodents. She will kill mice and deposit them at the foot of Chelsea's bed for approval. Since, we had searched the room, I thought it safe to lock Nerman in there. Around 7 in the morning, Kristie heard some scratching and saw Nerman and Sammie sitting still and staring by the wall. She woke Chelsea up to tell her that she thought the hamster was over there. He wasn't moving so Chelsea thought he was dead. After she picked him up, he moved. So back in his cage he went. Now the book is on top and I hope he learned a lesson. We keep him in there to keep him safe. Oh, the joys of having pets!


Laura said...

That is a funny story - probably not so funny for Chelsea though - or for Graham Cracker. If only our animals could understand our English they would be so much better off (and so would we!)

Anonymous said...

I think this should be titled - "the not so great escape!" It's a lot like us - God gave us rules for our own good. Sometimes we don't like them, but it's important to remember he has our best interest in mind! Mari