Saturday, September 09, 2006

Rain delays

We were going to go to fireworks last night. I thought I might have some cool pictures to post but...on the way there we started to see lightning. We thought we might miss it but by the time we were there and parking it started to rain. And then it really took off. It downpoured! Well that pretty much settled the firework idea. And of course we get home and we hardly had a drop of rain! The city decided to move them to tonight but it is colder and rainy again tonight so we're missing them this year. We did go to Cheri's church tonight for a pig roast. That was delicious! They also had a moon jump, games and crafts for the kids to do. I think everybody had a good time. I'm hoping for nice weather tomorrow. We are having an outdoor service to kick off the new year. After that, there are tables that you can sign up at to join Bible studies, praise bands, teach, etc... We are also having brunch so we really need it to be nice out! After seeing such a change in weather, it really seems to be moving in the direction of fall.


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

It really was fun wasn't it! I think I could go for a pig roast once a month!

Anonymous said...

I wondered what was happening with the fireworks. Sorry you had to miss them - I know you guys enjoy them every year. Mari