Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Birthday Greetings

Thanks to all of you who recognized my birthday yesterday. Yes, I know, I'm getting older. The plans were to go to Brann's using TRIP coupons. I went to pick them up in the morning at school and no one was there. Either I was too late or they didn't have it because of Labor Day. So no coupons = no $ for supper. So I dug up some other certificates I had for BK and Arby's. What a great birthday meal that was - but hey - I didn't have to do dishes or make anything. After supper, we had presents. I got a mug, flowers, candle holder and perfume. Then there was a wonderful cake from Costco. Lots of chocolate. Actually, I couldn't even eat all of mine so we all know that it was pretty rich. Shaelyn was having problems on the computer before supper so I went down to check it out. Who knows what happened but my monitor died! Right now, I'm borrowing one from a friend but now I have to go shopping for another one. This one is small but I'm grateful to at least have something to use for now.

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