Monday, September 25, 2006

Love this weather

Wasn't today a beautiful day? I loved the temps today. I was really getting sick of the rain we've been getting lately. Not only are the gray skies depressing but my grass has been growing like crazy. I really don't appreciate having to mow more than once a week! They are predicting nice weather for tomorrow too. Katelyn and I are really praying for blue skies with no wind. She is going to try to have her outdoor pictures taken again tomorrow. We've had to cancel them twice already. As nice as it was during the day today though, it sure took a change during supper. The clouds moved in and it got windy. I really hope it doesn't do that tomorrow because that's the time of day she's getting them taken! So if you think of it tomorrow, can you say a little prayer for blue skies?


Laura said...

Just for you I'll pray for blue skies - but once the pictures are done - back to the rain and storms - I love 'em!

Anonymous said...

I'll pray this week - you pray next week - Andy is scheduled for the 4th! Mari

Laura said...

So yesterday went pretty well huh? I thought it was nice weather (for you!) so I'll be expecting to get a beautiful picture to put on my fireplace!