Thursday, September 14, 2006

I started school today!

Shaelyn's first official day of preschool started today. We were both very excited. She planned on packing a lunch to put in her backpack. She didn't have any problems saying good-bye to me. She chose her center - art center - and started coloring. I left and had the morning to get groceries all by myself! I didn't even need to bring along an extra penny. When I picked her up, I asked her how preschool went. I was informed that it was not preschool but school. Apparently, someone thinks they're bigger than they really are! Oh well, at any rate, we both had a marvelous day.
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Anonymous said...

Shaelyn looks very cute and also is looking sooo old! I'm glad she had fun at "school". Mari

Laura said...

Oh! She looks so cute. She certainly knows how to pose. But she needs to stop growing! All my little cousins are just getting too old!