Thursday, September 21, 2006

Amazing love

I was on the treadmill this morning when they came in with a news update. That tends to always make my heart jump just a little bit when I hear it, but this morning they were showing the space shuttle coming in for its landing. You know, I think we sometimes tend to take these space things so for granted because we've seen so many of them while we were growing up. But as I watched it come down, I thought how cool it really was. The speed that they come down with is incredible. It's really amazing to me to think of how large our galaxy is. Last week, we had open house at the girls high school. Chelsea's science teacher informed us what he wanted to teach the kids. He said, if you take a pin prick and designate that to be the earth, then take a tennis ball and place it 9 feet away it would be representative of the sun. Then you have to take another one and place it (now I can't remember if it was 90 or 900) feet away, (either way it was a long ways away) that would be the next star. He said that God created all of this and takes care of it but the incredible thing is that He cares for all of us little humans on this teeny planet even more. I think that we tend to forget how much He loves us. So, just a reminder for the day - God loves you!


Anonymous said...

That's a cool illustration. It is good to be reminded because so often we take what God has done for us for granted. Thanks for the reminder. Mari

Laura said...

Thanks for the reminder!