Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day

Today we went to the "Labor Day" picnic. My girls love this. We get together with all of my Dad's 7 brothers and sisters and most of the cousins. I guess you could somewhat call it a family reunion of sorts. I don't know why some families despise family reunions because we really enjoy it. ( it probably depends on the family!) We always go to the park and have a potluck dinner and what a variety of food there is. After that, we hang around and get acquainted with everyone again while the kids go play on the toys or wander, looking at the water. Usually, we have watermelon but today, Dad was in charge and he brought popsicles for everyone. We used to have a good game of baseball, but I guess everyone thinks they're getting too old for that anymore. It was beautiful weather, in spite of the forecast they were predicting. I don't think we got any rain at all today. We finally finished putting the pool away for good today - after it got totally dried off. That's a good feeling. Now that summer is officially over, I'm ready for the cooler days of fall and business of the school season.

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