Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Second hand clothes

Wow! Look at all these clothes that were loaned to me. Some awfully nice person must have passed them on - (I bet another day in Paradise might have a clue). You know, when I was young, I thought hand - me -down clothes were awful. When Shaelyn got these last week - she was thrilled. Every day she wants to look through the box and pick out something from Halle. The great thing is that there are summer and winter clothes in there and with this weather lately, you never know what kind of clothes you're going to have to wear. I just wanted to say "thanks" to a great family member for them. Posted by Picasa


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

You are very welcome- it's always nicer to give them to someone you know! Halle just hauled out a shirt yesterday and told me- this is probably going to have to be Shaelyn's soon!!
I sure wish you had another kid in between Chelsea and Shaelyn so I could get some hand me downs!

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