Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Fair

"It's one of the best times of the year," according to Shaelyn. She waits for the fair all year long. Today was $1 rides except that the kids all had earned 5 free rides by reading minutes from reading club at the library. Shaelyn chose her favorite - the merry-go-round, the circus cars, the flying elephants and - are you ready - big stuff - the alligator roller coaster. For her last pick, she and Halle chose the horses again. Tomorrow we get to go to the grand stand with our other free coupons and see the off road derby. The girls love that. We would have loved to come back tonight and do the rides when
they're all lit up but I have a ball game. It's my last of the year - tournament games. This is all telling me that summer is about over :(
I guess I have to get ready for things to get a little bit more scheduled again - but really - I don't have much of a choice. The fall has great things happening too - Shaelyn gets to go to preschool, different holidays, etc.. Aaah, life goes on. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! I think she is looking so much older lately, but I guess she is older since she is going to preschool. As you say - Life goes on. (Before you know it, she will be getting married!) Mari

Laura said...

Hey - Maybe I'll see you tonight - we're going to try and make it too, (since Aaron always has cars in it!) but we have to babysit Abby and Devin until around 7:00, so we'll see!

Laura said...

I just got a call from Aaron that Sofie escaped and was running lose in the neighborhood so a neighbor caught her for us. So it looks like we'll be fixing a fence again tonight (the same one we fixed last night!!)