Monday, August 28, 2006

The first day of School!

Look at the excitement on the girls' faces! You can tell that they are very excited to start school. Ha Ha. Yes - the cats are in the pictures too. I always take their pictures at the beginning and end of every school year and they always had their cats in them. So now it has become tradition. Chelsea made it through the first day. She was nervous because now that she is in high school, it's a new building and of course - she's the youngest. She did say that the hallways were very crowded and she just made it in time to her classes. They both have people that they know in all of their classes to that was good. I guess it's good to get back to the scheduled life style again although we will all miss our late night routines of watching "Lord of the Rings" and reading until all hours of the night and then sleeping late in the mornings! Posted by Picasa


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

I know you wish your school started next week like ours does- but I wish ours had started already. I always hate that first week of getting back into the schedules- all the papers needing to be filled out etc...
At least you're over the hump!
Glad it went well.

Laura said...

Yes, they do indeed look excited! I remember those days so well... If only I had known how good I had it back then! No real responsibilites, no bills to pay or groceries to buy etc. I hope Katelyn enjoys her last year, and I hope Chelsea has fun being in high school! Just think - soon Shaelyn will be there too!