Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The day all mothers dread!

The day has come that all mothers fear. I was downstairs on the treadmill, with Shaelyn by me. I had about 2 minutes to go when she went upstairs. I
finish up and go upstairs. She immediately comes out of her room and shuts the door. Then she tells me that I can't go in there. I then know something is wrong. I find a scissors next to her stuffed cat. There is something fuzzy next to it. I asked her if she cut her animals fur and then tell her it is very naughty to cut their fur because it won't grow back. Then I look in her wastebasket and find all of this. I asked her where this came from. "Probably my whale," she says. I tell her "no way" when suddenly a light bulb goes off in my head. "Did you cut your hair?" Just a little, she answers. I couldn't tell right away because her hair hadn't been combed yet and was still fuzzy.
When I combed it I could tell there was some missing from the bangs and side section. When Katelyn came up, I showed her the handful. "What did she do?", was the unhappy question.

I wasn't sure what if I was going to cut it or not yet, so I went to the hair shop and we discussed what to do. I decided this might be the time to get it cut because of the circumstances.So here's what it looked like when we were done. I think it looks pretty cute but we'll see what Dad says.

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Anonymous said...

I love it! (although it does make her look older!) How nice of her to start the cut for you! Mari

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

I love it too! If Dave doesn't he's crazy!
So cute!

Laura said...

Oh no! It seems every kid does it at least once - it could be worse though - remember that I didn't cut my own, I cut my mom's! It looks super-cute though! I love it, it does make her look older.