Thursday, September 20, 2007

Nice Matters

My wonderful sister, Mari, passed on this Nice Matters Award. I'm guessing "niceness" runs in the family because she passed it on to my other sister, Cheri, as well. And I think that both of them are pretty nice! I'm going to pass this along to Leigh Ann because I figure if she's related to Dena and Leslie, she's gotta be nice!


Anonymous said...

Hey! I have been so wrapped up getting this silly blog thing done I haven't been over in awhile. Thank you for hanging in with me!
About the catechism book... we are using the Westminster Shorter Catechism, which you can find online, probably... you could probably even find it without buying it. I'm sure there are websites that have a printable version.
There is a devotional type book that you can use to go along with it. It also provides a "modern english" version of the catechism. It is called "Training Hearts, Teaching Minds," by Starr Meade. I'm sure you can find it on amazon.
Hope that's helpful!

LeslieW. said...

Congratulations! That is great, I would have thought you would have gotten that by now! It is well deserved!

Great Choice with Leigh Ann too!

Leigh Ann said...

Thank you so much for the award!!! I feel so blessed to get an award when I have only been blogging for 1 week. It made my day!!! I hope to meet you in person someday. Thanks again!!!