Friday, September 07, 2007

My kitchen cupboards

Okay, you asked for it. Mari is doing a blog about what her kitchen cupboards looked like. This is a warning for all
of you to stop and proceed no further if you cannot handle disaster areas. I would probably have to rate this blog an R for restricted viewing.

My pantry. Now I think this looks pretty good. Chelsea just sorted it all out in the beginning of summer. My cereals are in nice containers!

Remember, I warned you. Here's my cake pans and cookie sheets. I wish I had a nice skinny cupboard like Mari.

Here's my first lazy susan. I keep all my flour, sugar and baking food here. I do wish that mine had a back all around it though because sometimes things will fall off and behind.

I know - this is a mess. This lazy susan keeps pie plates and mixers and gadgets. These things don't stack well, so that's my excuse for the mess here.

This is where I keep all my bowls and measuring cups and such.


LeslieW. said...

That's not bad! You could totally live in my house! I can't open many doors without stuff falling out!

Abby's curls btw came from my sister and mom. They will stay through winter but probably not past puberty. I hated them at first...I had no idea what to do with them. But they've grown on me and all I have to do to make her look coiffed is squirt it a little in the morning. That is kind of nice!

Mari said...

Yeah for you! I am impressed by the pantry. Send Chelsea over!

Anonymous said...

I love all that tupperware! Don't you love the way the cannisters stack? I hit a "double points" month one time when I did a party (YEARS ago, when I still did parties!)and got tons of storage containers for dry goods. Mine are yellow, though.
Thanks for playing along, that was fun!
Oh, and I noticed on your profile that you've adopted a girl... my sister is in the process of adopting a baby girl from Vietnam. She hasn't been able to have a baby. She is waiting for the dossier to return from the embassy, then it's just a waiting game! We are SO, SO, SO excited! It's good to hear happy endings.

Bonnie said...

I just read this on Mari's post ... I'm totally going to take this challenge !! ( in a few days, once I get caught up on the posts I already have in mind !! )

Laura said...

I don't think they look like a disaster! It's not too bad!