Saturday, September 29, 2007

I've been Tagged

I've been tagged by Karen, of Karen's Ramblings for this Meme:

1: What I was doing 10 years ago:

At that point, I had just sent my youngest child, Chelsea, off to Kindergarten. Little did I know, that she wouldn't be my youngest for too much longer. It was nice having a little more freedom to do things during the morning hours. At that point, Kindergarten was every morning. I was doing daycare in my house for friends of ours, 3 days a week.

2: What I was doing 5 years ago:

We were finishing redoing our house. We put an addition on in the basement, so that we could have another bedroom for the baby (Shaelyn) we were waiting to adopt. We moved Chelsea downstairs to a new room. I'm able to volunteer a lot more at school, although continuing to do daycare for the same family. Katelyn is in her last year at the middle school and Chelsea is in her last at the elementary school. We had hoped that we would have had Shaelyn by now but China was behind in it's adoptions. And soon, SARS would be hitting in Asia, therefore slowing down the adoptions even further.

3: One year ago:

Shaelyn was starting Preschool!! Dave had gotten laid off his job because there was no work again. This became a source of stress but also many faith lessons and continuing to trust that God would provide. While I continued to do daycare for the same family (they have 5 boys ages 13 to 2 years old and I have watched them all), I was also given the opportunity to watch another child from another family I know. This was a way to have a little more income while Dave was looking for work. Katelyn was in her senior year at high school and Chelsea was a freshman. It was kind of a strange feeling that both girls were in high school.

4: Yesterday:

I enjoyed a lovely morning with Cheri. We get together every Friday and just hang out and do lunch. Shaelyn didn't have school so she and Halle could play. It was beautiful weather out - about 70 degrees. I've been waiting for some cooler weather and it's finally here (I hope to stay) At night, we went out for pizza with some friends. We came back to our house and played the game, Apples to Apples. It was a good day.

5: Five snacks I enjoy:

Chocolate - I'm a female. What female doesn't love chocolate?
Popcorn from the movie theater - It just makes the movie better.
Ice cream - We went to Captain Sundae last Saturday. They have great sundaes.
Peaches - They have to be fresh and slightly softened. I take the fuzz off and
they're great.
Trio bars - They are something like granola bars. I just bought them from Costco and
they have different flavors like Strawberry, Tropical and Cranberry.

6: 5 Things I would do if I suddenly had $100 million:

Well, we'd pay off the house and then buy some new vehicles. Both of ours are dying and have over 100,000 miles.
I'd love to be able to give some to both of our schools and churches. All of them are building new additions or total new buildings. I'd also give some to Creation Museum because I believe so much in what they teach.
I'd travel around to some places like South Carolina, Australia, Auckland, Guernsey - you all get the picture don't ya.
I'd set some aside for college for the kids and help Katelyn out right now and
I'd like to be able to help out family that needs vehicles and other things.

7: 5 locations I would like to run away to:
Well, I've kind of mentioned some of these already -
China - we want to go back there with Shaelyn,
Austalia and New Zeeland area. I've always wanted to go there
Grand Canyon and out west - it looks so inspiring out there
Florida and Gulf Shores area- never been to Disney and the kids would like to go
Hawaii - would love to see all the volcanoes and sites there

8: 5 bad Habits I have:
Judging people prematurely, eating improperly, jumping to conclusions before hearing the whole story, getting annoyed with rotten drivers, short tempered when I'm stressed out

9: 5 Things I like Doing:
Scrapbooking, Reading, Playing in church orchestra, Getting together with family,
Playing volleyball with friends

10: 5 TV shows I like:
This is tough. Actually I like a lot - Survivor, Lost, Cold Case, Amazing Race and Criminal Minds

11: 5 Things I hate Doing:
Getting up in the morning, Mopping the floor, Exercising (until I'm done, then I'm glad I did it), Balancing the checkbook, Paying taxes

12: 5 Biggest joys of the moment:
My family, The change in the Weather, Knowing that Andy Graduated from Boot Camp,
My computer and blogging friends, My faith and knowing that God's in control.

I know, there's quite a bit to this meme but it really made me think. I think it gives you all a bit more info. into my past. Hope you all enjoyed.

So here are the five people that I am now tagging:

1. Cheri

2. Dena

3. Karolee

4. Jillian

5. Heather


Karen said...

Thanks for taking part. It was lovely to get to 'know' you more, read your journey, see you've been through blessings and worked through harder times - and that you like choccie - well why is that stuff so good? I'm sure I dream about it sometimes!

Anonymous said...

What a great post to read for my very first visit to your blog.

I have been so confused, ha! I thought you were Mari's daughter. How crazy. I knew she said she had a sister Terri. I can't believe we've known one another our whole life and I never knew her siblings. Now I can get to know you through this crazy world.

Mari is so sweet and precious. I have always thought the world of her!

As to the questions you asked about the fudge, hehe. We only had the apple. I could have eaten pounds of fudge!!! Next time...

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

That was a great post! I'll get to thinking about what my answers are and post it soon!

Karolee said...

It's fun getting to know you a little better through this meme. Thanks for tagging me. It'll be fun to play.

Karen said...

Hi there Terri :-)
I've just typed the Hummingbird cake recipe into that post. Yes caster sugar is standard sugar in the USA. Cornflour is a bit different from regular flour though, I'm not sure what the equivalent is - I suspect it is cornstarch, but I'm not 100% sure. I will check it out!

My daughter hacked at her hair yesterday, I was gutted, I loved that long curly hair. I spent a while (after ranting and hopping up and down) cutting it and I guess it will do it good in the end - it's not short, but a few inches have gone. I was rather fond of that hair. Boo Hoo.

Heather's Brain said...

okay, so now I DO know you a bit better, and thanks for the I go!

The Birds Nest said...

Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading about your life.

Be Inspired Always said...

Thanks for the tag, Mine is UP!


Ally´s Antics said...

Hey what is the game apple to apple... I am glad youw ant to visit Guernsey... how about a trip to Spain... that is where I am right now!!!!

Laura said...

That was fun to read! We all seem to have some of the same bad habits! Good - this way I can blame it on genetics! :)