Monday, August 06, 2007

Vacation blues

Yup, I'm back. It must be rough returning from a week's vacation, because Shaelyn has caught some sort of bug. On the way home Saturday, she said that her head hurt but once we got home, she was playing as usual. Sunday morning, she went to church without any obvious problems. We ate lunch and she didn't eat much and that's unusual because she typically, eats good. Then in the afternoon, she was acting extremely tired. Well, I don't like to let her sleep because then she won't at night. Dave kept her awake playing some games and I noticed she was warm. I let her sleep while the rest of them went to church. She hardly ate supper again and just sat on my lap. She perked up after she was forced to take some medicine. (She hates all sorts of medicine) She doesn't have much of a fever but is just warmer than usual and is not eating. She even went to sleep decently with a nap. She woke up once through the night, complaining that she was hungry. More medicine and back to sleep. Today, she's still pretty much laying around and hardly eating. So hopefully, this will run its course because we've got church activities Wednesday night. I don't have any pictures to post of camping because my batteries died on my camera and I couldn't charge them.


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

I'm sorry she's not feeling well- it seems to never end this year doesn't it?
Hope she's up and around soon.

Laura said...

Oh! I hope she feels better soon. That's not fun.

Mari said...

Sorry to hear that - at least she isn't too sick!