Monday, August 13, 2007

Camping in Montague

We had a great time camping this weekend aside from some problems. We went with Chuck and Sue, a couple we went to China with. We wanted to leave on time to avoid congestion. We left on time but ran into construction. And then we went into Burger King for supper and they were slow. After we merged onto the highway there was a traffic jam because of an accident. So it took us about 2 hours to get there. There was a pool for swimming which was 10 feet deep so I tried teaching Shaelyn how to dive. She was willing to give it a try. I kind of helped her and she did it - right into the 10 ft. section. She was pretty proud of herself for that. Granted, some of them were sort of belly flops, but pretty good for a 4 year old. Chuck always cooks up a big breakfast for us. It was great except he grabbed the wrong meat from his refrigerator and cooked up hotdogs instead of sausage for his family. (you can see the big "sausages" on the grill) We laughed because Dave had brought our meat out and when I questioned what he took, he had taken our brats instead of our sausage too. At least I caught this before they were cooked. We went canoeing and kayaking on Saturday. I wasn't sure if I would be able to do this but it went great. Katelyn and I took a 2 person kayak and Dave, Chelsea and Shaelyn went in the canoe. I was going to take my camera but since we were there in the afternoon and it was hot, I thought we might be splashing a little too much to risk taking my camera. Now I wish I would have taken it, because I could have gotten some great pictures. We did a 1 hour trip. Shaelyn did great. She did ride in the kayak with us for a while too, as well as with Chuck and Sue. For never having done this before, Katelyn and I did great. We got beached on a few trees in the river but it was fun. Next time, we want to take a longer trip. I would highly recommend this for great fun.
Because we were camping in the middle of a state forest, there weren't many lights and the stars were very bright. It was beautiful to look at. We had a thunderstorm Saturday night, but we really needed the rain. At least we weren't packing up in the rain. We got home Sunday afternoon, tired, but having had fun. Now I'm not camping until mid-October. We've got to get used to school schedule again.


Mari said...

Glad you had fun - even with the canoeing! Do Chuck and Sue have just the 1 child?

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

We'll have to try river rafting some time- it does sound like fun!

Laura said...

Wow - that sounds like a lot of fun.
Apparently Katelyn doesn't like hot dogs for breakfast?
Too bad you didn't get picture on the kayak - I probably wouldn't have risked taking my camera either though in case I tipped over!

Dena said...

What a fun trip even though it got off to a rocky start - October will be here before we know it! i can't believe it's school schedule time already - wherever did the summer go?