Tuesday, August 14, 2007

How blonde is Katelyn?

Our family all knows how much fun it is to pick on Katelyn because she has blonde hair. I guess they know that about her at her work too. Yesterday, she was answering phones. Someone called and asked to speak to Mark. She thought his voice sounded familiar. She asked who was calling and he told her,"Bill Bennett" She had no clue that there actually was a real Bill Bennett. So she put him on hold and asked the other lady there if she knew a Bill Bennett. She told Katelyn to double check and make sure she had the name correct and then transfer him. Katelyn went back to the phone and asked again what his name was. He replied, Bill Bennett and Mark knows who I am. So she transferred the call to Mark and told him "Bill Bennett is on the line" He didn't recall who that was but took the call. A little later on Mark came to Katelyn's section of the office and told her that it was Jim who works in the office and was on the road who had called. Later on Jim got back to the office and came through smiling and introduced himself to her as Bill B. She seems to have a lot of these problems at work. Good thing she's got a sense of humor. It's good to know that they're keeping her in line at work while we do it at home.


Laura said...

Poor Katelyn. That is too funny!

Dena said...

Yes - but it is still very good to be blonde!!!