Thursday, August 16, 2007

Son Exposure Fun Night

Last night was Son Exposure at church again. It was fun night. They had carnival games and big blow ups to play on. Dave & Chelsea were in charge of the "knock down the cats" game. You would always win a prize no matter how you did. There was also toss the rings, knock down the milk cans, throw balls into containers and throw balls into open holes. She came home with quite a few toys as you can see. She got rings, balls, kites and candy. On the side were the humvee - which was like the moonwalk that you jump in. She loved the big dinosaur. There were 2 entrances, so the kids would race through the whole thing. It was kind of like an obstacle course with ropes and steps. You would end by coming down a slide.There was also a big rock climbing wall. She was in line to do it and when she had about 4 people in front of her, decided that she would rather do the dinosaur again. I couldn't talk her into waiting 5 more minutes so off to the dinosaur we went again. After 2 sno-cones and 2 bags of popcorn, we decided to call it a night. We would like to do more but it will have to wait until next August.


Mari said...

Looks like more fun. Shaelyn looks like she is having fun.

Dena said...

Now that looks like lots of fun!!! She looks soooo cute in her tie - dye t shirt!