Friday, August 10, 2007

oh, the news!

For those of you who aren't family, I will let you know that something exciting happened last night. My dad got married. My mom died 4 years ago and dad was very self sufficient but we knew he was lonely. Dad met Ann because they both bowled on the same days. They have been "friends" for about 2 years but didn't tell us the truth (although we guessed it). Finally, in June, he proposed but they both have been very secretive and would not tell anyone when this would happen. I had a really good idea that it would be happening this weekend, due to a variety of questions that I had asked. They didn't want a big wedding so they went to dads church last night and had his minister marry them. My aunt and uncle were there as witnesses. Then they proceeded to call us all. We are very happy for them both, although we would really have loved to have been there to see it too. We are working on fixing up dads house. Meanwhile, they'll be living at Ann's house. We'll be going to dads on Wednesday to paint the bedroom. I'm sure we'll have pictures of the progress.
Today, my family is leaving for a weekend camping trip. We're going to try some canoeing on the river by the campground. It sounds like warm weather. I'll try to get some good pictures - hopefully not of being being flipped over in the canoe!!


Dena said...

Have ANOTHER great trip!

I am soooo very happy for your Dad - that is really awesome!

and ps - I have only lost 8 pounds
so I thought it was funny she was trying to be so nice but insulted me instead! hahahaha

Abby and Reese said...

That is great, they met bowling? So funny, I have never been bowling! Dena can attest to that. Congrats on the growing family.

Laura said...

Another Vacation!?

When will you ever be home?
Have a great time and I hope you don't get tipped over!