Monday, August 20, 2007

The next room redo

Mari was working so fast the picture was blurry

The pink room before it's "remake"

Mari and I headed over to Dad's to do some more painting. We started in the living room. It went really quick and we had a gallon of paint leftover so.... we started looking around for what else we could do. We wandered into my old pink bedroom. We thought about trying to remove the wallpaper but saw that it was really stuck on. We did a test spot and decided to paint it the same cream color as the living room. Any of you who know this house, know that this was in desperate need for a change. Dad never was big on remodeling and this room was never changed since we built it in 1974. We finished the 1st coat of paint and noticed that some of the flowers had a texture to them and were starting to show through. So we added another coat. They still show a bit but it's sooo much better. What do you think? Carpet might be coming for both bedrooms tomorrow.They also took out the flourescent lights in the kitchen. The drywall guy came today to replaster the ceiling and that's now ready to be painted. We've got a little more to do but we're getting there.

Shaelyn helping Ann remove tacks from the floor

This would be where Cheri drew on the walls right after we moved into our new house. Mom made her try to scrub the marker off but as you can see, the wallpaper went with it. We were not very happy!

The finished paint job


Laura said...

Oh... goodbye pink room - it's kind of sad in a way! It does looks a world better though! Good work!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

It looks much better- it is a little sad in a way though- there went my childhood!

Mari said...

It really is a big improvement. The picture of Shaelyn and Anne turned out cute.

Dena said...

Is it sad that I LOVED the pink wallpaper???? hahahahaha! Y'all are SUPER FAST painters!

LeslieW. said...

That looks great!