Thursday, March 29, 2007

A trip to the Greenhouse

Shaelyn got to visit a greenhouse today with her preschool class. They were showed a lot of different flowers that were growing. Laura - you would have loved it here. At one point, they used curtains to enclose a whole area in, which made it look like night time so the plants could "sleep". They were given a snapdragon to try to open its mouth. That was a little tricky. I remember Dad growing those in the garden. Cheri and I always tried to open them. Then he went on to show them the Fuschia's and daisies - much to some of the Mom's dismay. He showed them how to pluck the flower off and try to make it open up and the daisy petals could be pulled off to see if you were loved or not. Later, they got to plant their own flower to take home. Obviously, I am not a flower person because I cannot remember what kind of flower this is but we'll give it a shot to see if we can keep it living for a while. It brought memories back for me when I worked in the greenhouse but I think I would have preferred working at this one. At least these workers were allowed to talk!


Laura said...

Aunt Terri - That's a pansy. They're not too fussy of a plant but they usually don't seem to bloom all summer.
I do love greenhouses. Aaron has been doing his best to keep me away from any of them because they've all started getting things in and although I have enough plants and seeds to fill our entire front lawn, I need more! I do miss working in the greenhouse. If they would pay me as much as I make here and give me benefits I'd be back in a second!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

I remember snapdragons too!
We got them one year for our garden and they didn't last too long with the kids trying to open them too!

Terra Hangen said...

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Your daughter is adorable.
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