Thursday, March 08, 2007

On the hunt

Yesterday was another exciting day for me. I'm standing in kitchen putting dishes away after breakfast and I take a look by the door to the garage. And what to my amazement and horror do I see but a little grey mouse running past. Missy is frantically going after her. I'm trying to scream, "Mouse, Mouse" but the words just couldn't get out fast enough. Chelsea is like, "What's the problem?" It manages to run behind the couch. Then I see it take off behind the piano. I go to grab a flashlight to look by the piano and can't see anything. Shaelyn is sitting on the floor in front of the windows eating her breakfast. I'm telling her to pick it up in case the stupid rodent goes flying by her. (Now I say stupid because what kind of dumb animal would come into a house with 3 cats and 1 dog still inside it?) Well the girls get ready to leave for school and they tell me it's my turn to pray. I mutter some prayer about me being left home with a mouse and out the door they go. I'm still on the prowl for it when Kelly comes to drop Todd off. When I tell her my exciting news, she decides to put his bag on the kitchen table instead of the floor and she too deserts me with this creature. I decide to move the couch a little again and the little bugger goes scurrying back out and behind the piano again. Who knows when he made his last move to the couch. Meanwhile, I'm looking for any of the cats who might be of some help to me and they are nowhere to be found. We finally find Missy lounging on Shaelyn's bed. She grabs her and points her behind the piano. As soon as I move the piano a little bit though, she takes off. Once again, I am on my own. Shaelyn was holding the flashlight and I'm telling her to keep an eye out in case he darts into the kitchen area when I'm moving the piano. I was trying to move it far enough for me to fit back there - yes I had to move it quite a distance and plus it's extremely heavy. Shaelyn says that she thinks she sees it there. So I continue to push the piano farther out. Finally, I think I spot it too and I can fit back there with my flashlight. Yup, there the stupid little critter was. Now this will really explain how demented that bugger was. He ended up getting rolled over by my piano. There was his squashed and bloody little head laying there, contaminating my carpet!! Who knows why he didn't move when I rolled the piano but I figured at least he was dead. I knew Ken was coming to drop off Micah so I figured he could do the rest for me otherwise Grandpa would have received a call from me to take care of that problem. So Ken comes and I tell him he has to pick up my dead mouse. What I didn't know is that he really doesn't like mice, himself. Apparently, if he was home, he probably would have made Gail do it. But I figure he's a male so he can do it. So into a lunch bag he goes. I had him check to make sure it was a mouse because the night before, Chelsea's hamster had died and was put in the garage. It just wouldn't have been cool if it was the hamster making his was back in and then getting a death sentence again. But it had a tail so we were safe. I felt much better knowing the problem was gone. The other scary part was that I had slept on the couch the night before because Dave was making too much racket sleeping so who knows what was barreling all over me for the night. The thought of that thing snuggling next to me is appalling or that a cat could have killed it and I would come wandering through and step on it laying there! Oooh, I just hate those things.


Anonymous said...

What a story! I'm sorry you had to deal with this by yourself - no help even from the cats!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

That was an even better rendition than what I heard on the phone. You just keep all those creatures over in your neck of the woods! I would have been out the door!

Laura said...

GROSSSSSSS!!!! I can't imagine!! He must have already been sick or something or he wouldn't have let the piano just roll right over him! Gross. They are indeed disgusting little creatures. I agree with Cheri though - you just keep them over there and don't send them to my side of town. Yuck!