Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My solo debut

I got a call from a friend from church on Saturday. "Terri, can you please do my a HUGE favor?"
She was sick from a sinus infection and she is the leader for the cherub choir. (kids who are 2-5 years old) The kids were supposed to have a practice between the 2 services and she knew she wouldn't feel good enough. So she wanted me to take over. That wasn't a problem but they also had to sing at night for the congregation. "Are you going to be able to make it at night?" I asked. No she knew she wouldn't. Great, now I get to lead the kids at night in front of everybody. What can you say but that you'd do it. So I'm going over the songs with them. We haven't had practice for about a month. They were originally scheduled to sing when we had that blizzard and it got cancelled. So they weren't really remembering too much of the songs. I'm telling them they have to sing loud for their mom's and dad's. Yup, they could do it. So the time comes and I finally lead them to the front of church. First, one of the little boys shoes fall off on the way down there. So I get them all situated and get ready to sing. There isn't a tape or anything for them to go with - it's all accapella. I get them started and of course have to keep singing - "Sing, shout, clap your hands" Meanwhile, I can hear my voice carrying throughout all of the church. Well I know if I sing less, so will they. The next song is "Oh be careful little eyes, ears and mouth" Lot's of times, I'll hold my hands to my ears to symbolize singing louder but you can't really do that it you're doing motions about your eyes and mouth! I'm kind of telling them between verses, "Louder, Louder!!!!" It would work for the first sentence but then kind of dwindle off. We finish singing and everybody claps. Tammy, the leader asks if we would like the parents to stand. Yes I say, so she proceeds to pick up the microphone that was sitting on the pew next to where I was singing. No wonder my voice was carrying everywhere! Now I'm just a little concerned that they have heard my hidden talent, they are going to want me to be joining the praise teams too. I just feel I'm busy enough but I just don't know how to say "no" It is just a problem being so talented!!


Anonymous said...

You poor thing - It must be hard to have sooo many talents - Mari

Laura said...

Oh my goodness! I was laughing so hard imagining you up there hearing your voice! And I can just see them all singing really quietly. So funny!