Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Katelyn's back

Katelyn got back home Sunday morning around 1:00. She had a great time. In this picture, you can see her. She went parasailing. They had to talk her into it but she said it was fun if she would let herself relax enough to enjoy it. They had nice weather every day but Thursday, when it rained. She collected a ton of seashells. You know Katelyn and her collecting!! She saw a jellyfish in a tide pool. She's got a ton of pictures she has to develop now. A scrapbooking night would be good for her except she's busy when we're going. It was a chance of a lifetime for her and I'm glad she was able to have a great time!


Laura said...

Looks beautiful (where's the snow!!) We'll have to check out all the pictures sometime!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you can't come Katelyn - we'll do another night when you are available - Aunt Mari

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

I'm glad you had fun- I'm a little jealous since it's stinkin snowing again!!!