Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wow - it's cold!

We had to deliver papers again today. It was so cold out. This is so unusual because I am not usually cold - I'm always hot. Well lately, I have been cold. Typically, when we have a fire downstairs it gets so hot but that has not been the case. This almost makes me ready for warmer weather. Here's my update on Youth Supper at church Sunday night too. I put the meatballs on before I taught Little People's church at 8:30. I had gotten 3 large pizza sauces. After fighting with the can opener I finally suceeded in opening them. I realized that 3 cans would not be enough. I ended up going to Costco again at noon to buy another can. Everyone arrived there by 5:00. We got it all set out and when those kids went through the line, it was like a madhouse. They just seemed to keep on coming. Apparently though, it was a small group. We ended up with a ton of leftovers which turned out good because we had a lot to take home. And it only ended up costing the 5 of us $26. So it went okay, but I am GLAD to be done.

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Laura said...

Good! I'm glad it went well.
I do feel sorry for you out delivering papers. When our advance boy came by yesterday I just felt awful for him in this weather!