Friday, February 02, 2007

She earns her keep!

Shaelyn loves being out in the snow. Last night, Dave went out to blow the driveway. She found this out and decided that she needed to go out too. Later, he went to carry in some wood. She decided that the patio needed to be shoveled off so he could get through. He comes in and tells me that she is shoveling. I look and see she got it nearlyn all cleared. You can see the pile of snow behind her where she shoveled it. I'm thinking we had about 7 inches out there and she shoveled it all - all by herself. I'd say she's earning her keep!


Laura said...

She is definitely welcome to stop by our house anytime - as long as she brings her shovel! I'll even give her some hot chocolate when she's done. I had to shovel yesterday and it was not fun, so I'd love to have some help!

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed! The question is - will she stay that motivated? Mari