Wednesday, February 28, 2007

No news is good news?

Alright - I'm sorry I haven't posted again but really there is not much to say about what's happening here. Katelyn is gone and apparently enjoying Florida. We did get a snow day on Monday so that was nice again. We've had quite a few of these lately. (Can anyone explain to me what Al Gore is talking about with the global warming bit? I don't believe it!)
Actually, the thing on my mind lately is Dave's job again. They laid off 2 people last week because they got all the work done and there really isn't much coming in again. I'm quite sick of this stress level. Then he comes home to me and says maybe we should take spring break in North Carolina. There is a lot of work there and we could check it out. And I believe he's serious. He's just sick of always getting laid off. His former foreman moved there over Christmas and told a bunch of the guys he could use them there. None of the work is coming to Michigan - thanks Jennifer Granholm for all your hard work. (do you see any repetition to my love of the democrats!!!) I just heard yesterday that Toyota was deciding on building here or Mississippi and they chose Mississippi. Why? I have no clue. So anyway, that's my life. Sorry for the depressing blog but I know some of you (Laura) have complained about me not writing and this is all I have to tell you. I'll try to update you on what's happening.


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Now I already told you that N. Carolina was NOT an option- I don't ever want to hear of that state again!
I still think he really needs to just bite the bullet and dive in to the nursing thing. It'll all work out!

Laura said...

You realize that the only way you would be able to move to North Carolina would be to kill all of your relatives? Because the only way you'd get that moving truck out of the driveway would be over all of our dead bodies. So sorry.

I already had one friend move to N.C. (Buffy - she played violin for my wedding) for a teaching job, and now I never see her or here from her anymore - I know, my fault too, and I'm not letting you go there too!

Things will work out - God takes care of the flowers and sparrows right? (Although if he didn't take care of the sparrows that would be okay with me...)

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above. We say that is not even an option!!!! I think it's time for Dave to dive into nursing. We never get laid off. There are lots of jobs available and you can go for a 2 year degree to get started. That's my opinion and you know I am always right! Mari