Monday, July 16, 2007

Vacation at CRCG

Well, I have made it back from another wonderful week of camping. We really had great weather again - except for Saturday morning when we were packing up. It was quite rainy - but we couldn't complain because we need the rain so bad. We had fun at the beach and the pool. You can see Shaelyn and the new friend she made, digging in the sand. They dug quite a hole and built a lot of castles. There were also big waves that day. You can see how white the water was coming in. I wasn't planning on going in that day, but I did get warm and the lake wasn't really too cold. So we all went in and jumped the waves. The girls love it when there are huge waves - in spite of the fact that you get splashed in the face! The other pictures show snack time. Shaelyn loves smores and then there was the plate of doughnuts that I made. For those of you who don't know how to make camping doughnuts - they are the best. You take cheap biscuits from the tube and using a bottle cover, punch out the middle. Then fry them in oil. You can dip them in powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar mixture or frost them. They are delicious!! (and very healthy) When Katelyn and Dave made it out, we headed for the shuffleboard courts. I was not very successful. Chelsea beat me and then we took on Katelyn and Dave. I lost again to them. But it was still fun. I will be home for 2 more weeks and will be camping there again then. You might think that we get bored going to the same place but no... Bible school, craft barn, wagon rides, etc... It's always different. We all love it.


Dena said...

I LOVE homemade donuts! They are the best - I am glad everyone had such fun!!!!

Mari said...

Glad you had fun. The donuts look great. I think you've had about enough vacation now!

Laura said...

I love that picture of Shaelyn and Dave on the beach! So cute.
I also love the picture of the doughnuts but my tummy is growling now!
And I agree - you've had enough vacation! I think you should come work for me a while so that I can take a turn! :)