Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy 4th of July

We had a great holiday yesterday. We started the day by going to, I'm guessing, one of the biggest parades around. It's so big that apparently, people have decided to start placing blankets and stakes down, a week before!! How ridiculous. Our blanket went down the day before, just so we could get a spot. Thank goodness that it was not that hot. It was comfortable watching the parade and it heated up later in the day. At night, we headed to my sisters - Mari - for supper. It was delicious. You can see the picture of the master griller - as Katelyn calls him - Uncle Bob apparently grills the best burgers. After supper, Uncle Duane went to the backyard to play baseball with the kids. I think Anna won the game. The kids were still looking for a little something to do, so Aaron, very willingly headed out to do a little Duck, Duck, Goose. He has now earned quite a few brownie points but I'm not sure if it is enough to bypass an overnight stay with the little ones! They had a great time with him. Later, we headed out for fireworks. It was a great way to celebrate our country's birthday!


Mari said...

Great pictures - it was a nice day, wasn't it? I'll have to get you a copy of the cousins picture. It turned out good.

Laura said...

It was a very nice day.
I think Aaron loved played Duck, Duck, Goose. He's been saying he can't wait to play again... :)