Monday, July 02, 2007

Last weeks camping adventure

We've returned home from a week of camping. We had absolutely beautiful weather. We had about 5-10 minutes of rain one afternoon but other than that, it was sunny and cooled down at night. Here's some pictures of our fun. They've added a craft barn which is open 3 different days. Shaelyn painted a picture one time and another time she made the lovely flower that she decided to wear in her hair! At least she is not afraid of being unique! Sunday afternoon, we went to the beach. You know the pool is closed on Sunday! But the beach was great. Later in the week, I went to the pool. Katelyn and Chelsea still went to the beach a few other times. They had a "treading water contest" along with Chelsea's friend, Kristie, who stayed over a few days. They treaded water for over an hour and a half. On Friday, there was a kids carnival because it was kid's week. Shaelyn is getting her face painted by Ali who works there and is a friend we camp with on Memorial weekend. On Friday night, we had a Vacation Bible School program where they sang the songs that they had learned for the week. Shaelyn loved going to Bible school every day (and so did we). Dave came back out on Friday night. We had a lot of fun and hopefully, will be heading back in a few weeks!


Laura said...

Oh to be a kid again! Those were the days - playing in the sand, swimming in the pool, making crafts, running around carefree!

It looks like you all had fun!

Glad you're back safe.

Mari said...

Looks like you all had fun. Nice pictures!

Anonymous said...

shaelyn is in Way to many pics.! where am i? you didn't even put my friends up... i'm to go and have a pity party for myself now!

Dena said...

Yeah - welcome back - everyone looks like they had a great time!