Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Wanted to give you all an update on "grandpa" and "grandma" from church. Hubert has about 1 more chemo treatment to go. He's feeling well and doing good from them all. Jean has finished her chemo and will be having a scan in late august or early september. Then they will know if she has to continue. She also was going to have 2 different leg surgeries to open up the veins. She had 1 which went well and was just told this week that she will probably not need the other. So they had a very positive week and were very upbeat about how things are turning out. They are planning a trip to New Jersey in August. They have not been there for a year now and are excited to return. Thanks for the prayers uplifted for them.

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Laura said...

That is awesome news! We'll keep praying for more good news and that they can have a good relaxing time on their trip.