Thursday, July 19, 2007

Budding Artist

I've been meaning to put this picture up. I found this on Shaelyn's wall one night when I was getting ready to read to her. It's funny because the night before, Dave and I were in bed and she came to us and asked if it was okay to draw on walls.
Mom - "no"
Shaelyn - "why not?"
Mom - " because walls have to be painted over then."
So she went back to her room. So the next night, she had pillows all placed up against her walls. I decided to move them and put them back in the living room. Well, this is the picture I found. So she comes in her room to read books. I just ignored it first to see what would happen. She kind of lays against the wall while I read. Eventually, I tell her to just come and lay by mommy. A little hesitantly, she heads over. I continue reading and casually glance at the wall. With a surprised look, I ask her about those pictures and when she drew them. According to her, it was after she asked if it was okay to draw on walls. So then I ask her about these pictures.
"Why does mom have two faces on her?"
"Because Chelsea was hiding behind you."
"Why does Dad have earrings?"
"because some boys have earrings?"
I don't have much hair but at least she portrayed me as very thin.
Dave wondered what possessed her to draw on her walls. I explained that I remember doing that after I would sharpen a pencil. I would write, "Terri, Tim" because those were the only words I knew how to spell yet in Kindergarten. He just shook his head and said that it was amazing she could be so much like her mother, even without a blood connection!


Mari said...

Those kinds of traits are learned behavior and since you have never straightened out it is no surprise your children have picked up a little of it! :)

chelsea said...

At least I'm a perfect child. I don't jabber on like you and Katelyn do, and everybody agrees with me about that. I must take after dad.

Dena said...

hehehehe- now that's funny - I believe she does display some picasso like potential! Maybe you should leave it up for a while - I can see Chelsea enjoys her antics! And it is funny how much they turn out just like us!

Anonymous said...

do you really want to take after dad chez?
and the oldest girl is always perfect- so you are wrong.

chelsea said...

No Katelyn, you are wrong, the oldest child is always the neater one, even though I am neat also. Yes I would like to take after dad, he's tan. The middle child is always the mediator.

Sheri said...

oh my!! Well, at least it wasn't human feces...course sounds like you had that in the past too- will Sammy just graduate to crayons all over his room?:) ahhhhhhhh! No one told me it would be this hard:)!!

Bonnie said...

I hadn't read this one before but clicked on the link from Cheri's blog this morning. HILARIOUS !! I love it. My favorite bit is that Chelsea is hiding behind you !! ha ha ha ha