Monday, June 02, 2008

Outdoor Discovery Center

Shaelyn had a field trip last Friday - to the Outdoor Discovery Center. Do you remember that it rained on Friday? Well, it turned out okay. We were inside a building for the most of it while the kids were taught about wetlands and pond animals. You can see that there were a lot of stuffed animals to look at. Some of the animals they got to touch were a snake, frog, toad, painted turtle and snapping turtle. After the weather cleared up a bit, we went outside and got to eat our lunches under a picnic area.
We had a lot of fun together.

See all the animals.

Touching a toad.

They got to scoop up pond water and use a magnifying glass to check it out a little better.

Here are some of the elk in the woods.

We got to stop at her teachers house and pet her dog. What's more exciting than
going to your teachers house?

The weather had cleared up so we ended at Timbertown to play.


Mari said...

What a fun trip! I know I would have loved to go to my teachers house when I was her age.

Cherdecor said...

That was a fun trip! I am sure the children really enjoyed it! What fun!

Laura said...

Wow! Life is so much fun when you're young isn't it! :) I remember going to my teacher's house to bake cookies once and that was just the coolest!

Cheri said...

Fun- I bet going to the teachers house was the highlight.

nickernoodle said...

Why does it seem to rain every time there is a class trip somewhere? I remember going in northern SD to a wildlife refuge and every year it rained. Was always such a bummer. Glad it cleared up a little though. I'm afraid if it hadn't, you would have had a room full of squirrels bouncing off the walls! ;)

The Birds Nest said...

Now that's a great field trip!!!

Sheri said...

Nice! I love field trips!!! And that is some playground at the end there!:) SWEET!

Dena said...

wow - look how big she's getting - what a fun trip!

LeslieW. said...

Very fun! The teachers dog looks just like my Bailey.

Anonymous said...

That looks like so much fun-----when I see stuff like this I desire to move Stateside. :)

It seems you've had a lot go on since I was away.......

That was a great photo of your mom and dad.

I can't believe Andy is in Korea now.

And how nice for your sister to be around. I wish my kids had their Aunt's lap to sit in.

Missed you!

AutumnFawn said...

Oh no, I have elk meat thawing in the fridge.
How can I eat it after seeing those pictures of sweet,little elk??
They are beautiful creatures!