Thursday, June 21, 2007

Yard clean-up

It was time for lawn mowing again this morning. Dave asked me yesterday if I would have time to get some of it done. I've kind of been putting it off to see if he would do it, but alas, he has been kind of busy too. So before we leave for camping, I should get the lawn taken care of. So I spent 3 hours out there mowing in the heat and come in to take a nice shower. What do I find ?- We have no electricity! What a disgusting feeling. So I ended up jumping into the pool to at least feel better. As you can see, our electricity did come back on but that's the 2nd time this morning that it's gone off. It better stay on for good now.


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Ours went off too-apparently someone did something at the grocery store that caused it to go off. I hate it when there's no power!! Thank goodness for the pool!

Laura said...

That is one of the worst feelings - I hate being dirty and sticky. Good thing it came back on!