Sunday, June 17, 2007

Fathers Day

It's Fathers Day! I started my day at 6:15 with an ice compress on my eye. I believe I have a stye and my eye was swollen up. I had to play flute in church this morning and didn't really want to be seen with my eye like that. So I spent an hour with ice on it. It did take the swelling down so that people didn't notice but it's coming back again. Hopefully, it will be improved by tomorrow! Chelsea also had to be to church early because she was singing in praise team. So that left Katelyn to get there with Shaelyn. Dave had to work at the nursing home this morning. Katelyn wasn't feeling too great either because she has a bad case of poison ivy. I ended up taking her to the dr. yesterday to get some medicine. But she had to teach the 2-3 year old class so she had to be there this morning too. Dad came to church with Ann this morning so Shaelyn sat with them until she left for Sonshine Worship. Ann wanted to pick her up after church too. I think Grandpa liked that! She said she sat on her lap and was good as gold. That's not exactly what Katelyn said, but I'll just go along with Ann's thoughts. Grandpa They then took her to Ann's house for cookies before coming over to mine for dinner. So we enjoyed dinner together and giving Dad his gifts.
We ended up doing gifts for Dave after supper tonight. Katelyn gave Dave a nice fold-up step stool that he can use for camping. Chelsea gave him some sausage and cheese and of course a candy bar. Shaelyn had lots of pictures to give plus a Nemo magnet that Katelyn had given to her from Florida. She said it kept falling so she didn't need it anymore. Isn't that thoughtful! She also wrapped up her "cutie-pie" kitty that she didn't need . Don't you just love how she recycles gifts? It's the thought that counts! Thanks Dave for being a great Dad!


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

I think it's only fair because sometimes some of the gifts us women receive seem overly helpful to the men!!
At least Shaelyn's getting a little revenge early!

Laura said...

She certainly is a thoughtful child! I'm sure Dave will be able to put the Nemo magnet to good use for something.
He's a good dad!

Mari said...

I hope Dave felt appreciated by all 3 girls. I think Shaelyns gift is especially sacrificial!

Dena said...

What good presents - I mean really who doesn't need a Nemo magnet and kitty???

I hope Dave had a GREAT day!!!!