Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Chelsea's last school day

Chelsea made it through her last day as a freshman (we hope she passed :) Here she is with the traditional pose of holding her cat on the last day. She said her exams today were very easy. After school, all of her friends walked to one of their houses and her dad took them to McDonalds for lunch. Then they headed to another one's house to hang out for a while. Now we are officially into summer break. We leave tomorrow to go to Boyne Mountain and the water park. So I'll be gone probably until next Monday, when I'll hopefully have some more pictures of vacation!


Mari said...

Congrats Chelsea! Another year done. Hope you all have fun at Boyne Mountain.

Anonymous said...

Nerman posed so nicely for that picture, she is such a cute LITTLE thing. I love her eyes, her eyes are always like that in a picture, she's so adorable. Chez

Laura said...

Okay, I know comments have been made about Cleo's size - but wow - Nerman is no tiny thing either - he's just about covering Chelsea in the picture!.

Glad you're done for the year Chelsea - have a nice break!

Anonymous said...

nerman is a She! :)